Did you know that you are responsible for everything you do to your life? As opposed to the old beliefs explaining luck as an obscure and “magical” thing, modern currents of thought contemplate luck neither more nor less the result of our desires and intentions.

In this way, those who simply WANT good things to happen and have a mental tune-up for this will be more likely to enjoy good luck. At the same time, pessimistic and negative people, who see everything around them in dark colors, are perfect candidates to attract bad luck.

Basically, university applicants and casino game players exist in the same lottery world. And before you can win a lottery, you have to start playing. Amazingly as it is, the steps helping to attract luck for gamblers work either way – you can also rely on them when applying to a university.

Set goals

No plan can be good without goals set. So if yours is to win in a slot machine, you have to start with the task of defining the main objectives that allow you to carry out a good strategy. For example, in how long do you plan to win? How will you be preparing? How will you measure your results? The more aspects you see in your plan of actions, the less detail will slip your attention and the closer you will get to achieving your goal.


Accept the fact that not everything can be controlled

No matter how many time and efforts you have spent: you might not win. Why is that? Simply because the results of your application, like in the games of chance, cannot always be predicted. Sometimes, your luck simply is elusive, therefore winning will not come easily.

Embrace opportunities


Luck can be seen as the encounter of preparation with opportunity. What does this mean? That luck is not the result of having studied too much or experiencing some totally random felicitous circumstances, but of having the resources and tools needed at the right time. The same applies in the world of betting. Not before you learn about what is ladbrokes casino? Will you become a good player - so you should not sit waiting for millions falling out of a clear blue sky.

Claim less and do more

Get ready to try hard and even harder because you are not the only one who strives to study at a university of your choice. You’d better charge your mind with a lot of positive energy and put your perseverance to work. As players like to say: “Know about the game as much as you can, and the universe will do the rest.”


The most famous universities admit approximately 20% of all the students who send applications to them. The admission process is not refined – at least at present – and even excellent records are often lost along the way. That is where your window of luck opens: apply for admission to several universities simultaneously, prepare to interviews scrupulously and be positive about all the routine. After all, Fortune smiles on the eager!